Friday, March 26, 2010

Comrade Obama

Messiah banner
The cult of The One has been writ large across the firmaments with the recent passage of the deeply flawed and unpopular health care legislation. Here is a song in praise of Him. Let us celebrate the great victory the left in America has achieved.

Joseph StalinLet's consider a famous hero of the past whose influence with the left is still strong today. Joseph Stalin, affectionately known as "Uncle Joe" here in the United States during his brutal regime, illustrates the perfect dictator -- merciless and coldblooded. His overwhelming success provides much to admire for the committed but less experienced totalitarian leader. His single-minded determination to crush his opposition [including millions of his fellow countrymen as well as his closest Communist Party allies and of course all foreign enemies] and still inspire a slavish cult of personality in his awe-struck followers is a powerful role model for any budding despot. Here is Uncle Joe in a lighter moment.

The famous Soviet Constitution of 1936 also is a terrific example of the left's version of citizen's rights, granted by an elite ruling class. Contrast that with the US Constitution, which enumerates rights universally granted by God. In the America of 2010, we face a governing regime infatuated with Soviet-style politics to the detriment and trashing of our own Constitution. As distasteful as it is, check out this interesting mega-site about all things Marxist. It's well done and informative.

The following video is by a brave former citizen of Soviet Russia who is now an American citizen. She simply shares her fears for our future by comparing her early life under the Soviet Constitution of 1936, [which was replaced in 1977 after she had escaped] and what she sees as the sharp left turn American has taken. She sounds a sincere and heartfelt warning for all Americans.

It is obvious that we must restore America to the vibrant and beckoning land of liberty she has traditionally been. Not completely dead yet, America needs us to stand up for her, and fight for her, and put all our energies into restoring her. Let us be silent no more, as the left strives to enforce political correctness and level phony racism and hate crime charges against us. We must continue to assemble peacefully, demand answers, support political candidates who support and revere our Constitution, and with our votes, sweep out the cancer of communism infecting Congress, our State Houses, and local governments.

We must arm ourselves with facts and read read, read. Don't lose an argument because you are ignorant.

Do not let the double standards and injustices of the left intimidate you. Do not resort to the vulgarity and obscenity of the left to make your point. Devour Saul Alinsky's Rules and use them against the leftists. Use their tactics on them. Isolate, marginalize and ridicule them for a change. They have no sense of humor and hate that. Let them gloat now -- while we work hard to vanquish them peacefully. Pray for guidance.

And like Winston Churchill said, "Never, never, never give up."


Michael Avitabile said...

I noticed that you commented on my site Jumping in Pools. I hope you'll visit us often and good luck with your new blog!

Liberty1776 said...

Thank you so much for being the first person to leave a comment on my blog! I enjoyed my visit to your blog and appreciate the return visit! See you soon! :D

Maggie Thornton said...

Wonderful commentary and videos. Indeed, the best thing we can do is be armed with the truths about the founding of this country, and the truths of those attempting to bring her down.

Congratulations on a new blog. We need patriot voices. Glad to have you among us.

Liberty1776 said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful comment and encouragement! I am proud to stand with my fellow Americans who wish to preserve our liberty as a free people. Together we can reclaim our nation. Your blogs are outstanding resources & I will be visiting frequently!

Longhaired Conservative said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Thanks for adding the Robot to your blogroll. Cheers!